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Click on the above waiver image to download a .pdf copy of our waiver form.

Every person entering the climbing area must have a completed waiver on file even if not climbing.

Participants under 18 years of age must have a waiver signed by their own parent or legal guardian.

4 Hour Programs

Take your group's climbing experience to the next level with an extended program at Vertically Inclined.  Cover new skills, do tons more climbing and have fun!

Each of the 4-Hour programs offered begins with the 2-hour Just Climbing teaching participants the essential rope skills.  From there you can customize your program be selecting one of the options below.  Participants will continue to use and build upon the skills they learned in the Just Climbing session.

These programs can be done either as two 2-hour sessions or four 1-hour classes as your scheduling allows.  Choose the options that best meet your program goals:

Just Climbing Plus: "more toproping and climbing activities"
Now that participants know how the ropes work, they get to do tons more climbing and answer some important questions:

  • Can they get further up the walls they tried last time?
  • How many walls can they climb?
  • Who will win the toprope challenges?

Getting Into It add-on: "learn lots, climb lots" Starting with the rope management basics from the Just Climbing, we'll build on those by teaching the climbing knot and more belaying skills (depending on the age of the participants).  There'll be lots of climbing to solidify those skills and participants will then have all the skills to continue climbing outside of class.

ClimbFit add-on: "toproping to fitness" The best of both worlds! After starting off with the Just Climbing where participants pick up the basic rope skills, the ClimbFit session will show students how topropring can be used as a means to increase physical fitness.

$34 +gst per participant.  This includes all required equipment.
$38 +gst per participant for ages 5-9 years - for this age groups VIRG provides staff at a lower participant to instructor ratio

Minimum charge is $275

Group Size:
The maximum is 45 participants (depending upon the time).

These sessions must be pre-booked and can be scheduled weekdays until 5pm. Availability may be limited due to previously booked groups or other events. Please call (780) 496-9390 for more information on possible dates and times.

The Getting Into It can be booked for groups aged 10 years and older. All participants under the age of 18 need a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian.  The appropriate waiver will be sent out when booking.

Participants are suggested to wear comfortable clothing that they can move around in. Layers are also a great idea. Everyone must wear socks in the rental shoes.

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