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Over the course of September we are working on a number of things to rejuvenate the gym:

  • Washroom Rejuvenation: Work is underway to freshen up the fixtures, countertops and paint in the washrooms.  As a result there will be closures of one washroom at a time (primarily during the weekdays).  The remaining washroom is to be used as if it is a single stall and users can latch the door from the inside.  We do ask that if there is a group of folks of the same gendre that you use the changeroom together.

  • Cement Floor Recovering: This will extend through all the cement floors in the facility and into the washrooms.

  • Campus Board Installation: A campus board is being installed in the corner of the railing in the upstairs Bouldering Lounge.  This means that there will be times, especially during the day, when the Boulder Lounge will be CLOSED.

We do apologize for the inconveniences this work is creating but we certainly hope to have a nicer and more useable facility once it is all done.

If you have questions about the work going on or what is open or closed at any given time, please give us a shout at 780-496-9390.