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Are you new to the world of indoor rock climbing? You’ve come to the right place! Check out our climbing adventures here to get started!

For those with experience in a climbing gym, check out our passes and belay check info.

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Climbing Adventure

Are you looking for something new to do on a Friday night, or a Sunday afternoon, or any time for that matter? Or maybe you’re interested in exploring new vertical frontiers and finding out what indoor rock climbing is all about.

Either way, Vertically Inclined Rock Gym’s Climbing Adventure is a great way for you to try it out! The Climbing Adventure is a program that includes instruction on the use of the basic rope system preparing you for climbing fun! Also included are a facility orientation and all the equipment that you’ll need.

Kids Climbing Adventure

(12 years & under)

Are the kids climbing the walls? Or driving you up them? Bring them to Vertically Inclined for the Kids Climbing Adventure where climbing the walls is what it’s all about!

The Kids Climbing Adventure is the easiest and quickest way to get your kids 12 and under climbing. The Kids Climbing Adventure is a drop-in program allowing your kids a full day of climbing fun! At this age, participants must be accompanied by a parent or adult who is on the floor to supervise and to belay (hold the ropes) for the kids while they climb (No, you don’t have to climb). Don’t worry, all of the instructions on how to belay are included along with the required gear.